Monday, July 26, 2010


The fourth part of the marriage profile is to control anger directed at the spouse, trying to keep in mind that anger is a self directed mental attitude that can be controlled. You are right when you say that it is almost impossible to not get angry over some situations, but the key is to know the difference and to ensure that you are in control of your mental attitude, and the impact that it will have on another. Long term anger must always be avoided.

Another mental attitude, in the form of ridicule, also has a very negative impact. It should never be used to belittle a spouse in public, our even in a private situation.

The key is to always be aware of what you are thinking before a serious mistake is made.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Marriage profile continued:

The third  part of the marriage profile is to ensure that money and finances do not become an issue that is above the relationship. It goes without saying that the worship of money can become addictive to the point of dividing the family over issues that should not be elevated to the level of idol worship. Never spend above your income for daily living expenses. Large ticket items e.g., a home and auto are the exception if the cash flow is within earnings. That makes it a necessity to have a budget from the beginning.

Make sure that each partner agrees with all major decisions no matter what the decision is. That is, major purchase, vacation, travel, gifts, friends, church affiliation, to name a few, that have an impact, or influence the feelings of either partner must be mutually agreed to.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


When folks ask "how have you stayed married for 55 years?", there is no easy answer that sums up how, but there is a profile that must be in place to ensure that the vow is not broken.

This is the first part of our story: (There's more)

When the spark that ignites the flame of love happens to you, there is an attraction that draws two people together that poets and philosophers have tried to explain throughout history. You just know that you know! With that established you have entered the first requirement for becoming one.

The second part of "the profile" is to have respect for each other out side of marriage, starting with God as the guiding force in your life. We know of no other couple who have been together for years that do not profess this life style.